Travel by train in Europe: curiosities about the old continent

Travel by train in Europe: curiosities about the old continent

31 March, 2018 0 By News from the Atlantic side

Have you considered the option of knowing the famous countries in the European region? All those historical locations studied at school are ready to receive you in the next vacation. Plan to visit interesting cities like Madrid, Paris or London or exotic places as Moscow, Rome and Istanbul.

The old continent is captivating. Most of the art, science, history and culture came to America from there. This way, the tongues talked, the activities done, many religions and more have been influenced by this region. And even if thinking that you know everything related to it now, you should be prepared to read about surprising facts.

Perhaps you already learnt that travel by train in Europe is possible but, did you know this is not a mainland? Geologically it is connected to Asia in a huge continental mass called Eurasia. Additionally, there is a city (Istanbul) located in both zones. However, important sociocultural barriers make a strong division into the two regions.

The diversity of languages in Europe is ample. There are 23 official tongues and more than 60 informal dialects used by indigenous or minority groups, which is impressive considering its small size. But, what countries are included? The map has changed infinite times modifying the number of nations. Currently, they are 51 autonomous recognized states.

Despite being the most populated continent there is a jungle too. It is called Perucica and is in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The town with the lengthiest name (57 letters) is in Wales, Great Britain. It is not written here due to space limitations. Bulgaria is the oldest country in the zone. It exists with the same designation since the year 681 a.C.

In addition, Greenland, an independent land belonging to Denmark is the biggest island worldwide with around 80% of its surface covered with ice. Would you like to hear firsthand more fascinating facts about Europe? Take a train and travel through it.