Lucas Dougherty: a high-level tourist

Lucas Dougherty: a high-level tourist

13 July, 2019 0 By redaccion_201

Lucas Dougherty was a passionate traveler. His fathers job forced them to move 3 – 4 times a year. Since he was very young, he discovered his love for planes, new destinations, and the wonders the world offered with every new adventure.

As soon as he started working and supported himself, he set a goal for himself: save enough to travel nonstop and become a citizen of the world.

Lucas Dougherty focused on that goal and achieved it when he was only 32. Ever since, the stamps on his passports are too many to count, but among all the destinations he’s visited, the latest one captivated him: to him, South Africa is magic.

Lucas Dougherty travels nonstop

Lucas Dougherty has no problem investing his money in tourism once a year. His vacations are sacred, and he counts down the days to board the place that will take him to his next dream destination.

When he planned his trip to South Africa, he had many expectations. He poured himself into drafting a detailed agenda and what excited him most were the beaches.

Lucas Dougherty tresured in his memory the images he had seen in the most beautiful South African beaches, but when he got to go there, he realized pictures didn’t do them justice. What his eyes saw was completely alive.

Lucas Dougherty vacations in South Africa

Lucas Dougherty spent the greater part of his trip visiting and enjoying the most beautiful South African beaches. The first was Hout Bay in Cape Town. He loves the fisherman piers, incredible restaurants and scenic routes, but his beach adventure was only beginning.

He made sure to visit Camps Bay, one of the most famous beaches in Cape Town. Its white sand and crystal waters left Lucas Dougherty speechless. He swore to come back and visit every time he was in South Africa.

He also enjoyed other beaches: Clifton Beach, Jeffreys Bay, Coffee Bay, Muizenberg Beach and Boulders, each of them with their particular charms, made Lucas Dougherty live some unforgettable moments.