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3 September, 2020 0

Things to do in Madrid – Day and night fun for all

By redaccion_201

Madrid is the third most populated city of the old continent, just behind Berlin and London. It is a cosmopolitan city with many hotels to stay comfortably and historical, interesting and cultural spaces to visit. The Spanish capital is the fourth richest metropolis in Europe, surpassed only by the major conurbations of England, France and Russia.  When we travel to the Spanish capital it is necessary to consider the possibility of all those things to do in Madrid. For example, start by visiting its rich cultural heritage, which is represented...

13 July, 2019 0

Lucas Dougherty: a high-level tourist

By redaccion_201

Lucas Dougherty was a passionate traveler. His fathers job forced them to move 3 – 4 times a year. Since...

31 March, 2018 0

Travel by train in Europe: curiosities about the old continent

By News from the Atlantic side

Have you considered the option of knowing the famous countries in the European region? All those historical locations studied at...