Things to do in Tenerife to feel the nature very closely

Things to do in Tenerife to feel the nature very closely

4 November, 2020 0 By News from the Atlantic side

Tenerife is the largest and the most beautiful island of the canaries. In addition to its amazing climate round the year, it is also known for its blue flag beaches, breathtaking natural parks, and caves and vibrant nightfall scenes.

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Top 6 activities to do in Tenerife:

Here is the extensive list of 5 activities you must do, during your visit to Tenerife.

Los Gigantes Cliffs:

They are amazing to see and experience. There are big rocks that are huge in number. You can watch a very unique view of pretty big rocks. It’s a type of resort and you will surely going over there and creating solid memories

Teide National Park:

Teide national park is the most iconic and the most visited national park in Spain. This national park covers almost 19000 hectares of the area. Volcano Teide is right in the center of this park. This is the highest peak in Spain with an altitude of 3718 meters. If you are not a hiking person, then you have to take a cable car to reach the summit. During your ride in the cable car, you will enjoy the most amazing volcanic views.

At the absolute summit, you will have the chance to see some unique species such as Teide violet, which only grows above the altitude of 2500 meters. A spectacular view from there will give you the feeling that the whole canary is under your feet.

Siam Park:

If you are looking for one place to have unlimited fun, Siam Park is the place for you. It is the largest theme water park in Tenerife and, is an enormously attractive place for family and children. It has a great selection of water slides.

 If you want to experience some serious fun, you will surely have to go to the Tower of Power. It is a slide with a staggering height of 100 foots. Other than that, it has many other things to offer to its visitors. Some of them are listed below.

  • Lost City for children.
  • Thai floating market.
  • Siam beach.
  • A huge wave pool for surfing.

Dolphin and whale watching:

If you could not watch the dolphins and whales in their natural habitat, during your trip to Tenerife, you have missed a lot in life. Tenerife is one the world’s only four places from where the colony dolphins and whales do not migrate.

You will have 3 hours trip to spot the 28 species of these majestic mammals. Names of some of the unique species you will see there are,

  • Bottlenose dolphins.
  • Sperm whales.
  • Risso dolphins.
  • Minke whales.

Loro Parque:

Loro Parque is one of the best zoos in the world. If it were to be considered as the heaven for the animals, it would not be wrong. It is the second most visited place in Tenerife and, one should really visit this place. This place is also known for its animal shows. Lion, parrot, killer whale, and dolphins’ shows are more popular.

The world’s largest penguinarium and aquariums are built in it. When you will walk through the huge transparent glass tunnels to see the sharks and other different species of fish, it will be the experience of your life.

La Laguna:

La Laguna is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites.  If you want to know about the history of the Tenerife, you should visit this beautiful and cultural city. It is situated on a quite high altitude. During your trip to La Laguna, you can visit the following spots.

  • Plaza del Adelantado.
  • Palacio de Nava.
  • The Cathedral of La Laguna.
  • The market Plaza del Cristo.

You will surely enjoy walking through the colorful street of this historical and cultural city. So, these are some of the amazing things to do in Tenerife, Spain. You can experience some great things here.